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Salus Journal publishes two standard issues per year which span topics associated with national security, crime and controls, emergency management, and justice studies.

Standard issues are released in April and September. These issues are subject to continuous calls for papers and address a diverse array of security issues, theoretical paradigms, and approaches.

Submissions are open now for original Research Articles and for Professional Insights and Case Studies. Both scholars and practitioners are invited to submit on a continuous basis.

Salus Journal also publishes an annual Special Issue focusing on a topical issue or challenge. By design, these issues are broad to enable scholars to employ varying methodologies or scholarly approaches, apply distinct disciplinary frameworks, or pursue novel concepts.

While submissions are directly solicited, all scholarly work relevant to the Special Issue will be considered on the basis of merit and significance. High quality submissions which do not align with the scope of the Special Issue may be reallocated to standard issues.

2023 Special Issue | After the War on Terror: Security Futures

For the last twenty years, Western democracies have made significant investments in securing their nations from foreign and domestic threats related to Salafi Jihadist terrorism. This has include the establishment of new practices, laws and legislation, specialist units, and professional ethics.

Now that withdrawal from the Afghanistan theater is complete, we ask the provocative question of ‘what next’? What emerging threats have been developing and how may these threats be conceptualised, understood, and countered?

We are calling for submissions which discuss security futures in western democracies, with topics ranging from rising crime types, including fraud and financial crime and money laundering; intelligence and security challenges; emergent terrorist and extremist movements; escalations in violent protest and civil disobedience; emergency response mechanisms; and the impact of residual War on Terror legislation .

Successful submissions will integrate the discussion with security challenges in a post-War on Terror environment. Submissions are open now from scholars and professionals alike.