Salus is one of the oldest Roman goddesses, presiding over the safety and welfare of both the state and the people. Drawing inspiration from this, Salus Journal seeks to promote the safety and welfare of nations and peoples through rigorous research, and to enhance responses to disasters and crises.

Salus Journal is an independent and peer reviewed online open access journal. It was founded by the Australian Graduate School of Policing and Security at Charles Sturt University in 2013, and is now published by the Faculty of Business, Justice, and Behavioural Studies at Charles Sturt University

It is guided by the axiom of the University: to advance knowledge for the public good.


Salus Journal aims to publish research which contributes towards the advancement of flourishing communities around the world. While the journal readership is international, contributions vary between local, regional, and global perspectives

Salus Journal advances scholarship on a broad range of topics associated with the safety and security. This spans national security, law enforcement, justice, emergency management, and diverse crime types.

Within this scope, the Journal welcomes submissions from a variety of disciplines including (but not limited to) criminology, history, political science, security studies, sociology, and economics.

National security
  • terrorism and security threats
  • intelligence analysis and practice
  • foreign influence and subversion
  • regional and global security challenges
Emergency management
  • disaster responses
  • recovery planning
  • community resilience
  • humanitarian challenges
Crime and control
  • Investigation theory and practice
  • Fraud and financial crime
  • Organised crime (national and transnational)
  • Leadership and ethical practice
Justice studies
  • legislation and policy
  • correctional practice
  • criminal justice
  • systems, processes, and procedures